The place of holding program - Terskey-Alatoo mountain range. These are the mountains which frame beautiful lake Issik-Kul (1600 m above sea level) - 2nd largest mountain lake in the world.

You will see grandiose 5000 m mountains of Terskey - peak Karakolskiy, Djigit, Oguz Bashi and others; mighty Tyan-Shan firs, immense glaciers and fantastic landscapes of one of the most beautiful mountain in the world named eastern Tyan-Shan with its legendary peaks Han-Tengry and Pobeda (Victory peak). Clear sky, bright sun, virgin snow fields, hot springs and Asian hospitality is a real paradise for heliski and heliboarding!

Another one region - Suusamur valley. Suusamyr mountain kettle is situated in 130 km from Bishkek city and is located between two ridges: Kyrgyz ridge from the North and Suusamyr-Too from the South. The altitude of the valley is 2200-2600 m with surrounding tops with altitude of 4500 m. The uniqueness of this area consists in a great choice of slopes with a different exposition, extent and differentials.And above all: quality of snow - cold winter powder with depth up to 2,5 metres!